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Professor Shirley Grundy Memorial Fund

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In memory of Professor Shirley Joy Grundy, the previous Dean of the HKU Education Faculty, who passed away in Hong Kong on 3 July 2010, the Faculty would like to establish the Shirley Grundy Memorial Fund for Knowledge Exchange (KE) Initiatives. As Professor Grundy devoted much of her efforts to promoting KE in the Faculty, this Fund is set up in order to continue her vision by contributing to the provision of Grants to support Faculty KE initiatives. It will be used to support staff and students of the Faculty of Education who propose new or ongoing projects with aims and targets that are clearly linked to the University’s KE strategic initiatives.

In 2011, an anonymous donor generously pledged a donation of HK$100,000 to Faculty of Education, HKU as the start-up capital of the Professor Shirley Grundy Memorial Fund. This donation together with donations from staff of the Faculty of Education and HKU will be used to establish Grants for Faculty KE initiatives in memory of Professor Grundy. The Grants will be awarded annually starting from the academic year 2012-2013, and the scheme will run for five years. A maximum of four projects will be allocated funding support each year, with one of the four annual grants being earmarked for projects relating to poor and ethnic minority communities in western China. One grant each year will be earmarked for a student project. The value of each Grant will be HK$25,000. A Selection Panel will be formed to assess the applications on the basis of (a) the relevance of the project to the KE Strategic objectives; (b) the feasibility of the project; and (c) the impact or anticipated impact of the project.

This scheme will be a very worthwhile legacy and an ideal memorial to the work of our much-loved colleague, who was passionately committed to KE and engagement with the community. You can decide how you would like to support the Fund – via a one-off donation today or by spreading your donation over a period of one, three or five years. You can make your donation by crossed cheque, credit card or direct transfer. All donations should be made payable to "The University of Hong Kong".

This is an important initiative to preserve the memory of Professor Shirley Grundy. Your generous donation can help make a significant contribution to the Faculty of Education, HKU and the community at large.

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